Pediatric Dentistry in Steinbach

The Toddlers to Teens team welcomes you and your children to our Steinbach dental family!

Early Oral Health Care in Steinbach

Our main goal is to make sure that your children have a positive dental experience. We believe that starting their oral health journey on the right path can build the basis for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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Specialized Services

At Toddlers to Teens, we have developed a dental home for your child to cover multiple aspects of oral health care, including preventive services, diet counselling, early interception orthodontics, restorative services, and dental trauma education.

Specialized Care

Just like the specialized pediatrician your child sees, pediatric dentists are trained to specifically address oral care challenges that a child may encounter.

Our pediatric dentists have an extra 2-3 years of specialty training after their four-year dentistry degree. During this time they learn about oral health specific to infants, children and adolescents.

Friendly, Comfortable Environment

Our friendly team, comfortable and relaxing office, and interactive approach to dental treatment will ensure that your child looks forward to returning for future visits.

Clinic Features

Our dental office has everything your child needs for a pleasant appointment, including:

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