Sleep Disordered Breathing Treatment

Dr. Mel McManus and his team, use an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical treatment option for Sleep Disordered Breathing in Winnipeg.

Airway Development & Sleep Wellness Treatment

When a child’s airway is narrow, underdeveloped or constricted in any way, there is a disruption in the oxygen/CO2 balance in the child’s bloodstream during sleep. Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment can help open the airway, allowing your child to get a deeper and more restful sleep. 

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How It Works

Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment has been specifically designed to promote the proper growth and development of the jaw and airway to optimize airflow and promote proper nasal breathing while straightening your child’s teeth.

As these areas develop many of the symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing disappear.

Oral Appliances

When children are treated early, Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment can address the root cause of SDB, correcting bad oral habits and naturally promoting growth and development of the jaw and airway.

Through a series of oral appliances worn for only a few hours a day or at night, we can gently widen the dental arches, allowing the jaws to develop correctly.

The end result is a more developed airway and a sound, deep sleep for your child.

Sleep Wellness FAQs

Sleep Disorder Breathing Treatment | Toddlers to Teens

A Personal Story from Dr. McManus

  • "As far back as I could remember, my twin boys always snored. I started learning more and more about snoring and effects it had on children both physically and emotionally. After a while, I saw that those symptoms presented themselves in different ways in my kids. As a father and a pediatric dentist, I began looking for answers. At a dental conference, I learned about the Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment. I enrolled in the course the same day. After beginning treatment, I noticed dramatic improvements in their sleep and well-being. Today, they sleep soundly and are healthier, happier boys. And best of all, no more snoring!"
    Dr. McManus

Sleep Disorder Breathing Treatment | Toddlers to Teens

Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment Process

Treatment Consultation

At the outset of the program, parents/guardians are invited to attend an hour and a half long, free of charge group consultation, during which we will explain the benefits of Airway Development and Sleep Wellness Treatment appliances for your child. These consultations are held on occasional Saturdays at our Winnipeg dental clinic with Dr. Ellen Wong, and include a question and answer period.

Thereafter, the program is divided into the following two phases:

Phase 1  Records & Delivery Appointment

The first phase of the program consists of panoramic x-rays (displays upper/lower jaw, all teeth present, and sinuses), cephalometric x-ray (displays the side view of the patient’s profile, enabling to us view airway), orthodontic study models (impressions), and photos of your child’s profile/dentition.

Also included in this phase is the delivery of the habit correcting appliance, as well as instructions for its use, and an expected timeline for the the duration of this phase of treatment. In some cases, an additional appliance may be necessary during this phase.

Phase 2  Secondary Appliance

During the second phase of the program, you and your child will meet with Dr. Wong for a followup appointment, during which she will talk to you about whether your child would benefit from transitioning into the next appliance. If she recommends a secondary appliance and you agree, it will be delivered during this phase, along with instructions for its use.