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Early dental treatment is an important part of your children's lifelong dental health. Our friendly team at Toddlers to Teens Dental is excited to help!

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Kid's Dental Hygiene

Along with regular maintenance of flossing and brushing, we recommend that our patients visit a dental hygienist once every six months to ensure teeth and gums are healthy.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through your child's first hygiene appointment, and provide advice about how you can play a role in the healthy maintenance of your child's teeth.

During your child's appointment, they may undergo hygiene treatment. Dental cleaning can involve:

  • Removing plaque from teeth
  • Scraping to remove tartar
  • Use of polishing paste
  • Dental care education

Avoiding dental decay requires adherence to a dental hygiene regimen. Brushing twice a day, in conjunction with regular dental checkups, diet counselling, and fluoride treatment are all key in achieving this goal.

Regular visits to our office can prevent unhealthy teeth and costly treatment down the road. Creating a tailored treatment plan specific to your child's age and ability, we will review brushing and flossing, diet, and fluoride use.

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