Restorative Services in Winnipeg & Steinbach

Toddlers to Teens Dental can provide your child with various restorative services to help maintain their healthy smile.

White Fillings in Winnipeg & Steinbach

A composite (white) filling involves using a tooth-coloured resin material to fill small cavities in teeth.

These fillings match the colour of natural tooth structure. They require the most minimal tooth preparation and are the material of choice in our practice for small to moderate-sized fillings.

Porcelain Crowns in Winnipeg & Steinbach

A porcelain crown covers the tooth completely and restores it to its original shape and size. Crowns provide the necessary protection for any baby tooth that has had root canal therapy and needs structural reinforcement.

Sealants in Winnipeg & Steinbach

Sealants are placed in a thin layer on select tooth surfaces by using a resilient resin material designed to stick to the enamel, specifically over grooves where food can collect.

Sealants reduce the risk of cavities forming in these narrow grooves that can be difficult to keep clean.

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